Have some extra time or a unique skillset and want to lend a hand? 

There are so many different ways to get involved in person or remotely! Read on to learn more about the most common ways to volunteer, or Contact Us if you'd like to discuss other potential opportunities.

Pet Transportation

Volunteer transporters donate their time to fly or drive pets into rescue, to appointments, or to their furever homes. Volunteers must have a valid license and reliable form of transportation as they will use their own vehicle or aircraft for transport. To sign up as a volunteer, please Contact Us after registering with Pilots N Paws (pilots) or joining the State Transport (drivers) page to provide your available zone & days.

Please review your state's department of revenue for tax deductions on qualified expenses, such as fuel.

Adoption Events

Adoption event volunteers are perfect for upbeat and social personalities who are comfortable handling a pet while engaging with interested parties. These volunteers should be confident in their ability to learn a pet's information and relay it back to prospective adopter's. This includes information about a pet's background, as well as their name, age, gender, breed, and unique traits. Volunteers should also be familiar with the rescue's adoption process & policies. Event volunteers must be 18+ and have experience handling pets in public places. 

Please Contact Us to sign up for future events.

Supply Drives

Supply drive volunteers are perfect for individuals who routinely engage with their local community or high-traffic workplace, such as teachers, board members, and leaders of teams, clubs, or organizations. Supply drives are often hosted as competitions or collected as substitutions to traditional gifts on special occasions. Volunteers should be able to advertise, collect, and drop off donated supplies. Please Contact Us to receive our most up-to-date Wishlist and nearest drop off point prior to hosting a supply drive to benefit the rescue.

Please review any guidelines you are bound by to ensure approval prior to hosting a supply drive, such as for classroom/workplace competitions.

Assistant Training

Do you have a knack for dog training or several years' experience with a certain breed group? If so, we'd love to have you on board to teach basic obedience, perform intake evaluations, conduct meet & greets, and assist our trainer with rehabilitative programs. Assistant trainers should be confident handlers with a good understanding of canine body language and behavior, as well as foundational knowledge of breed groups and training styles. To learn more or attend an introductory session, please Contact Us.

Our rescue supports the use of balanced training methodologies. 

Social Media & Marketing

In today's digital age, we are always grateful for volunteers who have the requisite skills to give our very deserving rescue pets an added networking boost! Volunteers can work independently by networking our adoptables on their own social channels, or join our team to create & post content directly on our pages. Volunteers interested in providing social media or marketing assistance should be familiar with web design and SEO, digital advertising, content creation and writing, or social media platforms (facebook, instagram, tiktok). 

Please Contact Us to get started.

Pet Photography

Nothing helps a pet get adopted more than a GREAT photo! A standard part of processing a new intake along with a behavioral and veterinary evaluation is their intake photo session. At these sessions, volunteers get to know a pet before determining the right background, style, and positioning for their intake photos to best showcase their unique personalities. It's important to feature a pet in a way that best represents who they are and the type of adopter they'd like to attract. Amateur & professional photographers welcome! 

Please email samples to info@petprojectusa.org.

DIY Projects

If you enjoy building, crafting, or DIY projects, we'd love to put your talents to great use! Our routine Pet Projects turn donated supplies into valuable items for rescue pets! Past projects have included elevated dog beds for facility-based rescues and shelters, pet collars & leashes, adoption vests & bandanas, elizabethan collars, pet transport packs, feral cat shelters and more! We are always looking for additional seamstresses, carpenters, builders, or DIYers to join our team - hobbyist and professionals alike! Raw materials and tutorials are provided - volunteers can work from the comfort of their home, contributing as few or as many hours as they'd like. 

Please Contact Us to learn more.