Interested in donating towards a specific cause or service, such as training or veterinary care?

This is made pawsible through targeted sponsorships. By making your contribution via the links below, your donation will be specifically allocated for that category of expense. Wherever feasible, we also include ways to provide funds directly to our partners for our use.
Read on to explore various sponsorship opportunities and how they impact pets in our care.

Medical Care

By a very large margin, the biggest category of expense to operate the rescue is medical care. The vast majority of intakes come in significantly under-vetted, and many have gone their entire lives without a single vet visit. Prior to adoption, pets must be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian, fully vaccinated & boosted, fecal & heartworm tested, dewormed, microchipped, and spayed or neutered. In some cases, pets require emergency or specialty care, heartworm treatment, major bloodwork, diagnostic imaging, surgical intervention, dental cleanings, and more. 

Should you wish to make a contribution direct-to-vet, you may add funds to our Rescue Account via call-in to our wonderful Veterinary partner:

Sand Lake Animal Clinic:  (407) 876-4461               I                 Account Name:  PetProject

Food Pantry

With the challenges our adoptables have likely already faced, it's important to be able to accommodate their unique dietary needs and preferences to give them the best possible quality of life while in rescue. While we do have some go-to favorites we like to keep well-stocked, having the ability to purchase specialty and prescription food is a significant advantage in properly caring for our rescued pets as they await their furever families. Tailoring a pet's diet by feeding life-stage, allergy, or disease-specific recipes best supports their health and development while also playing an important role in preventative medicine.

To help keep our pet food pantry well-stocked with needed items, we welcome you to browse our Amazon or Chewy Wishlists to have products shipped directly to us!

Training Programs

Inevitably, some of our rescues face challenges as a result of trauma in their lives before rescue. Physical abuse, neglect, and instability can often cause pets to act out in pain or fear with undesirable behaviors. It's important to give them the tools to work through these traumas and become the best versions of themselves prior to adoption. As costly as they can be,  these rehabilitative programs are vital to a pet's adoption eligibility and chance at their happily ever after. 

Should you wish to make a contribution directly to our trainer for our use, you may add funds to our Rescue Account via Zelle through our incredible Training partner:

State of Mind Canine ( Alessandro Ferri )(407) 731-2825          I         Account Name: PetProject

Transportation Costs

Often times we are called upon to help pets outside of our local community - we officially serve the Southeast region with a focus on urgent pets. As urgents (those at imminent risk of death or euthanasia), it's typically essential to mobilize quickly in order to get pets to safety. We are fortunate to have an expansive network of volunteer drivers and pilots who help us accomplish this goal, often times at their own expense. To continue supporting these rescue missions outside of our immediate area, please consider making a contribution towards transportation related expenses, including fuel, overnight accommodations, transport kennels, and couriered flights.

Please Contact Us to donate Hotel Loyalty Points, Airline Mile Points, or Gas Cards.

Grooming Services

From time-to-time, we rescue a pet with a high maintenance coat who has had his or her grooming care severely neglected, often resulting in painful mats or open, infected sores. This is particularly common in curly-coated dog breeds like Poodles as well as breeds with thick, dense double coats. In such cases, we turn to professional groomers who are specially equipped to assess and tend to a pet's specific skin & coat needs. 

Should you wish to make a contribution directly to our groomers for our use, you may add funds to our Rescue Account via call-in through our generous Grooming partner:

Woofgang Grooming Dr. Phillips(407) 731-2825          I         Account Name: PetProject

Boarding Services

As a foster-based organization, we do not have a physical location or facility to house pets. For the most part, we are simply unable to accept new intakes when a foster home is unavailable. On occasion, however, we must temporarily board pets with reputable boarding facilities or privately licensed boarders. These instances include small gaps between foster availability, when foster families are away due to emergencies or travel, or while awaiting transports and during transport layovers. Having funds available to temporarily house a pet when needed may be the difference in being able to save a life. 

Our discounted board costs are typically $45/day, and $245/week