Are you a Central Florida resident interested in opening your heart & home to a rescue pet? 

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding and free way to help - all food, medical care, & supplies are provided. Before proceeding to our Foster Application, please review the following foster policies carefully. 

Foster Policies

Fostering FAQ's

Explore some frequently asked questions about our fostering policies, process, and more.

What type of pets can I foster?

We are primarily a dog rescue, however we do rescue and adopt out other species from time-to-time. Please let us know if you're open to fostering dogs, cats, or other small animals. 

Can I choose the pet I want to foster?

We want you to love your foster pet and fostering experience, but keep in mind a pet cannot be rescued without a foster home. While foster pets must be suitable to their foster family's home, lifestyle, and resident pets, we encourage fosters to venture outside of overly narrow guidelines. Fosters will only receive pets within their preferred life stage (puppy, adult, senior). 

How exactly does fostering work?

After being approved as a foster parent, we will begin to send you photos and information about incoming pets in need of a foster. We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible, as our fosters rarely get the chance to meet their fosters before they arrive. On the day that your foster pet is dropped off, you will receive any and all necessary supplies to properly care for him/her. Your local Adoption Coordinator will communicate with you about vet appointments, training assistance, and adoption meet & greets.

How will my pet find their furever home? 

Your only job is to love and care for your foster pet until adoption - we'll do the rest. Your foster pet will have already had his or her intake photos taken and will be advertised across a wide variety of adoption platforms. A dedicated screening team will process applications, consulting with you on suitable matches. After meeting prospective adopters, your pet will go home to their new furever family! Should you wish to stay in touch with adopters, you are welcome to exchange personal contact information prior to go-home. 

Can I help network my foster for adoption?

Absolutely! You are welcome to network your pet to friends, family, on social media, or out in public. We will supply you with professional photos, shareable links, and an adoption vest for public socialization, if desired. 

Should I take my foster to parks or out in public?

Every foster pet is different, so it's important to exercise good judgment when considering a public outing or visit to a park. We recommend allowing your foster pet to decompress for the first two weeks, sticking to playtime in the home, back yard, or on-leash walks. After your pet has decompressed and adjusted to their new home and routine (and only if fully vaccinated), venture out slowly - continuously evaluating them for any signs of stress or discomfort. We strongly recommend against taking your foster to a dog park, due to the unpredictable and often chaotic nature of such environments - consider playdates or pack walks with known pets, walks around farmer's markets or pet-friendly stores, or dining out together on a restaurant's pet-friendly patio. Always be cognizant of the weather and ensuring access to fresh, cool water.

What if I dedice I want to adopt my foster pet myself?

Even the most experienced fosters may "foster fail", and that's OK! We give fosters the first right for adoption, but ask that you let us know as quickly as possible so applications can be closed before Meet & Greets are scheduled. The adoption fee for fosters (not applicable to first-time fosters) is waived in its entirety as a token of our deep appreciation for your time and commitment. 

Can I stay in touch with my foster pet's adopter?

Of course! We welcome fosters to share their contact information or social media with adopters so that they may continue to receive updates. 

Won't it be too hard to give them up?

Our fosters typically describe their pet's adoptions as bittersweet. While it's incredibly rewarding to play such a significant role in a pet's lifesaving journey, it can also be a very emotional one - especially the first time. Just remember what a valuable position you hold as a foster parent and that each pet fostered is another life saved.